Window cleaning with mop and bucket -still good enough?

The days of the window cleaning shiner who cheerfully whistled and cleaned his way up and down office windows are long gone, so you say. True enough, certainly if you consider the strongest modern health and safety standards governing every industry in the UK, which means that every company is very careful to avoid huge penalties by falling foul of these regulations.

However, rather alarmingly, there appears to be a recent shift towards a sudden influx of cowboy window cleaners, mainly from EU peripheral countries , who turn up and offer their mop and bucket services very cheaply to willing companies, only too keen to hire them to save money, yet totally ignorant of the fact that if an accident happened during the cleaning, the window cleaner is not insured and with no health and safety certification, the companies end up paying hefty fines, thus a false economy indeed!

Therefore, all you companies out there beware, and be careful to only use window cleaning companies who may charge a little more for their professional services, but in the long run are economic to use, and give you total peace of mind, knowing they are fully insured and that they have been rigorously tested and passed for health and safety procedures in all their cleaning methods. Use Shiner boys to your own risk -your choice!