Window Cleaning to be revolutionised by new super spray.

Window Cleaning breakthrough

NeverWet coating could revolutionise the way we clean windows in London. A brand new silicone spray from manufacturers Ross Nanotech actually repels dirty water and oils, leaving surfaces not only clean, but practically bacteria free. This is a really useful application.

Implications for London Window Cleaners
The implications for window cleaning in London are obvious – it could be made so much easier as it is impossible for dirt or grease to attach themselves to any glass buildings or windows.

NeverWet could revolutionise the way Window Cleaning is done in London.

As well as protecting buildings and glass from dirt, the manufacturers claim the spray will minimise ice build-up and actually works up to six times better as an anti-corrosive than other poly-urethane coatings.
The most interesting of application though is for the hospital industry, as NeverWet claim the coating – originally designed to be used in hospitals – reduces the threat of bacteria to virtually zero as no dirty oils or water can come in contact with any surfaces.

Exciting time for Window Cleaners in London
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