Window cleaning results for the ‘Cleaning Show 2015’

The annual major event, ‘The Cleaning Show 2015’, took place for the first time in London at the Excel on 10-12 March 2015, and was attended by thousands of visitors and companies from the cleaning industry from all over UK and abroad, so was hailed a huge success!

Of interest to the window cleaning sector of the cleaning industry was the results of who the fastest window cleaner was in the Window cleaning competition. Ted Burrows currently holds the record by cleaning 3 standard size office windows with a 300mm long squeegee and 9 litres of water in 9.14 seconds! We are still awaiting the final published results of the new winner and will update you as we get the news!

Also the best window cleaning product that won the innovation award was nLite Hydropower D1 Filter from Unger, which is a very innovative filter to obtain pure water most efficiently from the Hydropower unit (Waterfed pole for Reach and wash cleaning).

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