Window cleaning link to the BBC

Indeed, not everyone may remember this, but there was a time in the early days of Television at the beginning of the twentieth century,when history was made with the first television shows being broadcast in our living rooms directly from the BBC, which was operated from a now iconic building standing on the highest hill in London, Alexandra Palace. Many famous shows and personalities including celebrities like David and Richard Attenborough started out at the BBC and so justifiably the site became famous.

Millards cleaning services Ltd were established very early on in 1919 to help support and employ World War one soldiers after the war ended, and many of them were awarded the Victoria cross  for incredible feats of bravery and courage that took place during the war. It appears some of the bravest came from the profession of window cleaners!  Millards is proud to have been part of the history of these amazing times and were actually involved in cleaning and maintaining all the windows and glass partitions at the BBC at Alexandra Palace for many long years, till they moved to their current site at Portland Place. Indeed, Millards has had a long list of prestigious clients including many other famous institutions like Lambeth Palace, the west end Theatres, Royal Ballet School and the Ismaili centre, and continues to provide an outstanding and specialist window cleaning service to this very day. Millards can truthfully be able to claim a unique place in the cleaning industry and contribution to our amazing history. How many other cleaning companies can claim the same?