Window cleaning in Churches

Churches are a specialised sector and therefore require unique types of window cleaning services. Some need the stained glass windows cleaned, as well as large areas of skylight and panes of glass and other unusual old period glass features.

Other churches are attached to parochial almshouses tenanted to various needy parishioners and so the windows have to be cleaned regularly but at times sensitive to the needs of the occupiers. In some cases churches also need their bans inside the church cleaned, as well as other special features.

Any cleaning company needs to ensure they are well equipped to provide these specialist requirements before offering to provide them for churches. A good example of such a cleaning company is Millards cleaning services Ltd who have high standards of health and safety as well as experience of such matters since their founding in 1919. They have in the past and currently still provide cleaning services to many churches in London. Some of the more notable ones in the past were Lambeth Palace, the Deanery at Westminster Abbey, Notre dame de France, and currently Bishop of Fulham and Bishop of London Diocese buildings, St Giles-in-the-Fields Church and Parochial Charity Almshouses, All Souls Church, amongst many others.