Window cleaning and floor levels-what you need to know.

When looking at what you need to do the job for Window cleaning of your offices, you first need to know what floor levels your windows are placed at and then think about the following…

From the ground

Can you do the work from the ground (e.g. waterfed pole system)?

From inside the building

Can the windows be adjusted so that both sides can be cleaned internally? Doyou need eyebolts for further safety?

From a flat roof:  

Can the work be done from a flat roof that is accessible and strong enough to work from?  If you need to work from the roof, does it have guardrails or other equipment that will prevent a fall? If not, can this be installed?

From a platform

Can you do the work from a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) or tower scaffold?
Fall protection
Can you use personal fall protection to allow safe access?
Can rope access be used to do the job safely (e.g. are the access points in good condition)?

From a ladder

Do you have a ladder that will reach the area?
Can you secure the ladder safely?
Can the window cleaners use the ladder safely?