Window cleaner’s life saved after washing windows for consultant surgeon!

Sometimes you read a story that proves that maintaining good customer relationships and reliable loyal service is a genuine win-win situation for all concerned -Millards Cleaning Services prides itself in this kind of long term service and loyalty to its customers going back to over 50 years service in some cases!

Anyway, a recent such example in Mar 2015 was a very interesting story indeed! A window cleaner was chatting and being friendly with his customer of seven years great service, and this customer happened to be a very specialist consultant surgeon in a local hospital, and was able, with the help of a hospital team, to save the life of the window cleaner who had revealed in his chatting that he was told he had a7kg inoperable tumour in his stomach area! Now the grateful window cleaner fundraises for the hospital after having a miraculous second chance in life!

Please click here to read the full story, courtesy of the ‘Liverpool Echo’ newspaper:-