Why you should choose a window cleaning company with membership to FWC. (Federation of window cleaners)

For maintaining and cleaning your office windows and glass, there is plenty of choice of professional window cleaning companies to choose from, especially in London. However, it would be wise from a health and safety point of view, amongst other reasons, as to why you should choose carefully only a window cleaning company that is a member of the nationally recognised Federation of Window cleaners (FWC).

What are these other reasons and what do the FWC provide in benefits to its members and therefore by asociation, to their clients?

The FWC provides information on all aspects of the Window Cleaning Industry, and circulates this information to all its members. They assist in an advisory capacity wherever possible and represent the industry in important discussions with government and municipal bodies on all aspects affecting the industry.

Window Cleaners have access to people’s properties more than any other trade, and the federation strongly encourage the public to use a bona-fide window cleaner, therefore  improving safety, efficiency and status of the cleaner.   By selecting a registered member of the FWC to clean your property, you can be sure they have liability insurance in place, and that  they are encouraged to work to our code of good practice.  Should any member be in breach of this, please do not hesitate to contact the federation on: 0161 432 8754 to verify membership status.

To get the FWC to help you find a local window cleaning company to you e.g. in central london,  that they can recommend and is a member of the FWC, please click on the link below:-