Vacuums – The debate, Mains lead Powered V’s Cordless Battery

The debate goes on which is the best Vacuums with cord or cordless?

Although flexibility is improved with cordless vacuums they lack the power that the mains powered office cleaning vacuums can provide.

1) Advantages of cordless vacuums :-
Range not restricted by cable, very portable.
2) Disadvantages of Cordless vacuums :-
Engine not as powerful, so doesn’t clean as efficiently
Small storage capacity
Have a very small dirt carrying capacity so needs to emptied more frequently, and has no HEPA filter
Have to wait to charge up vacuum if need to clear a sudden mess but there is no charge left in vacuum.  

1) Advantages of cord powered vacuums :-
Give powerful suction and so able to work very effectively and efficiently
Have a larger dirt carrying capacity so don’t need to empty so often. and has a HEPA filter.
If need to clean a mess immediately, can do this instantly as can power it up instantly.
2) Disadvantages of cord powered vacuums :-
Can be Heavy.
Cord limits range and causes health and safety issues ( Trips and falls)

There are indeed many good and bad points for use of cord or cordless vacuums and so much choice of models available to buy. Choice of cord powered or cordless vacuums should be based on personal lifestyle choice and what fits your needs best e.g. for families with kids or pets where there is constant need to clear up mess, a cord powered vacuum may be more practical and can be cost effective. If you have a simpler lifestyle with no pets or kids, or even a fast paced lifestyle, the cordless vacuum could be more easier in the cleaning routine. See what works for you in your own unique situation!