Types of professional Carpet cleaning techniques used in offices etc.

Professional carpet cleaning in offices is actually requires highly trained skilled cleaning operatives to operate the complex machinery and understand how to remove stains from all sorts of materials. The three main types used by cleaning companies are as follows:-

Steam extraction
This method is preferred for carpets that are heavily soiled. A special high pressure steam cleaning machine injects a fine mist of hot water mixed with cleaning solution deep into the pile. In combination, the heat and solution release grime from the carpet fibers, and a strong vacuum immediately extracts the dirt and moisture. Steam cleaning effectively removes odours and kills bacteria and dust mites.

Foam extraction
This method is sometimes called carpet shampooing. A foam-based cleaning agent is applied to carpet and scrubbed into the pile with a motorised brush. The foam releases soil from carpet fibers, so once the carpet and foam are thoroughly dry, the residue and dirt can be vacuumed away.

Dry compound extraction
Sometimes called dry cleaning, this method involves sprinkling a dry compound onto the carpet and dislodging dirt by working it into the fibers with a manual or motorised brush. The carpet surface is sometimes lightly misted with a complementary cleaning solution to help release grime. Once the compound has absorbed the dirt, it’s removed with a powerful vacuum. Some dry formulas are organic, some are polymeric, and others blend natural and man made compounds.