the lost generation of the old ‘shiners’ of window cleaners at Millards

As Millards Cleaning Services Ltd was originally set up By Captain Millard in 1919 to provide employment for soldiers returning from WW1, the first cleaners employed were brave hardy young Cockneys called Shiners,with their amusing cockney slang, with interesting characters who worked very hard, and remained loyal to Millards for over 40 years! 

Some like Ernie were natural comedians with a penchant for cruising all over the world when he was not cleaning windows, and he would send the office postcards from all over the world!. He and his nephew Roy were a good team together and were with Millards for years. They both eventually retired and Ernie took up a surprising new interest in Opera at an old age, and then sadly passed away, still cheerfully working away in his shed…how he is missed!  Others like Billie just lived for pay day when they could drink away their pay down the local pub and other like Monty worked both as a window cleaner and in later years in the office before being medically retired. Everyone was a character and brought so much value and fun to Millards!

Nowadays, most of these Shiners are either gone or retired and the new generation of window cleaners are mainly part of subcontracted companies or one man bands from Europe and South America….its a lost generation and one Millards was lucky enough to have experienced!

You can read more about the history of Millards Cleaning Services Ltd from its history section on website: