The Bosun’s Chair – Every Window Cleaner’s Best Friend.

Bosuns’s Chair

Vital to Commercial Window Cleaning in London is the Bosun’s Chair. There’s no way you’d be able to clean all the windows on all the tall glass fronted buildings in Central London without one. Here at Millards Cleaning Services our Window Cleaners probably spend more time sat in a Bosun’s Chair than anywhere else. Even the pub!
Window Cleaning in London using a Bosun’s Chair

All London Window Cleaners will be skilled in using a Bosun’s Chair

The Bosun’s Chair originated in the Navy. A Boatswain is a warrant commander in the British or US Navy, or a subordinate  in the merchant navy, responsible for most things that happened on the deck of a boat. A Bosun’s Chair was originally designed to haul a sailor up the mast on a halyard to do repair work or inspect the rigging. The first chairs were simply wooden planks with stout lines passing underneath it and up into a bridle at chest level. Early versions suffered from having no back support meaning that sailors would have only one hand to work with, the other holding on for dear life so you didn’t fall backwards out of the chair.