Persistent cleaners ride out the ‘Beast from the East’!

We have all just survived the coldest March since 1963 in the UK, and last week was particularly horrendous with the extreme wind chill  from Siberia’s ‘Beast from the East’ and the cold Atlantic winds of ‘Storm Emma’ converging together on the UK driving intense snow blizzards covering the whole country bringing it to a standstill, closing schools, roads, offices, public transport and even killing some people! Travelling was almost an impossibility with many trains cancelled and stations shut and buses reduced to an emergency service.

However, in spite of all this, our clients were amazed and very impressed to note that, while even their own offices were reduced to operating on skeleton staff, our cleaners bravely battled the snow and the terrible weather conditions with the lack of public transport, and still managed to provide a good cleaning service as per normal! Bravo cleaners…they are a shining example of the indomitable human spirit that exists in our beautiful city of London!