Office Cleaning Janitorial Supplier Win Design Award

SCA have received a 2014 Red Dot Design award for two smart dispensers which are used for Tork Napkins

They were given the award for their smart, curved design and choice of attractive casings. SCA’s Product and Segment Manager, Rebecca Blake said “Most napkin dispensers in quick service restaurants, cafes and hotel bars have functional, utilitarian appearance”. She continued with “This can be at odds with the overall impression that the managers of any high-profile establishment are trying to create. Our Tork Xpressnap Image Line dispensers are available in a solid aluminium housing and in a smart walnut option. The use of these premium materials gives the dispensers a stylish appearance which is much more in keeping with an upmarket eatery”.

This is just the latest addition to the Tork Xpress Napkin Dispenser range. Other units come in a choice of three colours and are available in countertop, tabletop and wall mounted formats as well as incounter and snack versions. All tork napkin dispensers provide a highly cost-effective solution to napkin dispensing.

We say, congratulations to SCA – keep up the great ideas!!!