New Window cleaning additions to agenda for The Cleaning Show 2015

At the Cleaning Show 2015 this year taking place 11th March, there will be new interesting additions to the agenda  in regards to window cleaning as follows:-

1) The Cleaning show Innovation Awards will now include for the first time a category dedicated to window cleaning products and systems.

2) There will be an exciting window cleaning competition, where the world’s fastest window cleaner, Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows, will take on a challenge with all comers trying to break his long-standing world speed record for cleaning three regulation-size windows, to be expertly judged by the Federation of Window Cleaners. If indeed the record is broken, this will be logged as a new record for the Guinness World records.

3) There will be a Window Cleaner of the Year 2015 Award for the best Window cleaning companies in the Uk.

4) There will be a networking event for window cleaners in the VIP Lounge, with an invitation to enjoy drinks with peers.