Millards is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2019!

2019 is our 100th Anniversary year since forming in 1919

2019 is Millards’ centenary year, celebrating one hundred years since the company was formed by Major Millard returning from the end of the first World war…an impressive achievement indeed that few companies can boast!

Major Millard, as an ex-soldier himself, realised the benefit of  providing  employment as window cleaners for the ex soldiers from his regiment. It was generally a very difficult time for all returning soldiers from the Great War to find employment and return to normality, so Major Millard’s efforts for his regiment was a very noble cause indeed. Interestingly, soldiers had to brave the horrors of war and many heroic and courageous acts, often unsung heroes, which were part and parcel of the ordinary soldier’s life in the trenches. Therefore, the job of being a window cleaner, which required quite a lot of bravery and courage to carry out, especially when cleaning at very dangerous heights with little health and safety regulations as was prevalent in those times, was actually perfectly suited to the ex-soldier’s temperament and so Millards thrived with its incredible window cleaners (or ‘shiners’ as they were called in those days) and provided a quality window cleaning service for a lot of iconic organisations and places including the original BBC HQ at Alexandra Palace and ‘The White Lodge’ Ballet school in Richmond Park, for training the children who would go on to become some of  the most famous and beloved ballet dancers of this century! 

Of course, Millards gradually evolved from window cleaning to offering additional services e.g office cleaning and other specialist cleaning services, but throughout, they have continued to always maintain its high window cleaning standards, and gone onto adding to its window cleaning repertoire, skilled specialist and high level window cleaning to its range of services. Naturally, Millards has moved with the times and kept up to date on all aspects of health and safety legislation and practices…a far cry indeed from the nostalgic old days of the ‘shiners’, bravely going up the high ladders and high ledges of buildings where few would dare to venture!

What a rich and eventful history Millards has had, and surely has every reason to celebrate its achievements now and in the years to come….perhaps even to the next 100 years, we hope!