Longstanding window cleaner at Millards Cleaning Services Ltd reaches 90 years of age!

Millards Cleaning Services Ltd happens to be the longest running cleaning companies in central London as it was started in 1919 by Major Millard in the aftermath of WW1 to help ex-servicemen find employment originally as window cleaners. Ever since then, it prides itself in its excellent cleaning services and loyal longstanding staff and uniquely remembers and honours its old time window cleaners, even if they are retired.

So it is no surprise that one of our oldest retired window cleaners, Ernie Maggs,who will have reached the grand age of 90 in June this year, is remembered fondly with a special birthday gift sent personally from the company as a gesture of their appreciation for his loyal support and longstanding service. As with a lot of the typical ‘shiners’ of that era in the fifties and sixties and even back to the thirties and forties, Ernie is certainly a cheerful character, with a great sense of humour and a sharp London wit, and is still keeping fit and going strong in spite of his years! He used to liven up Millards’ staff with his jokes whenever he popped by the office, and kept sending them an assortment of postcards from his numerous cruises around the world which he loved doing when he wasn’t cleaning windows expertly! Good old Ernie!

If you actually think about it, how many cleaning companies can truly boast such a rich history of service and tradition and wonderful relationship with its incredibly longstanding  cleaners, keeping one foot in its rich past, while another in the future with all the latest training, technology and equipment, cleaning techniques and keeping up-to-date with stringent health and safety regulations, quality and other certifications? Not many, I can assure you!