Current initiative for Public sector/International Projects to preferentially offer tender process to local businesses in London.

The recent initiative by Supply Cross River 2 in London to allow local private companies to engage with 150 buyers across 9 boroughs of London (e.g. Commonwealth institute, BBC White city site or Waterloo Shell Centre) and to competitively join in the tendering process for bigger projects in the public sector or from international companies, is very encouraging for local small companies, including window cleaning companies, struggling with the tough economic times we are living in today.

However, in order for a small window cleaning business to stand out with a decent chance at winning these tenders when competing with the bigger companies, it is prudent for them to do the following:-

1) Update their environmental Policy –it should not be more than one page long and focus on minimising the use of resources e.g. use of recycled products and waste less water and cause minimal pollution during window cleaning operations.

2) Gather data for their carbon footprint and quantify goals to reduce it in a fixed period of time.

3) Be registered on the initiative and fill in all necessary paperwork/sound financial and workflow checks and turnover ratio.

4) Innovative solutions and testimonials for environmentally friendly alternatives and cutting edge technology as well as traditional methods used as appropriate.

5) Health & Safety and Insurance policy and procedures and records should be tightened up and updated with all the compulsory and extra certification provided in the tendering process, along with accreditations from recognised organisations of excellence e.g. the Federation for Window cleaners.