Commercial cleaning and Royalty -any links?

It is not clear how much of a part in the past commercial cleaning has played in maintaining the huge palaces of our Queen and the Royal family, as well as Churches connected to Royalty, but it is fair to say that it has certainly had a role to play in more recent times.

This is probably due to the fact that as the Queen has moved with the times and taken care to modernise the Royal institution, palaces have been opened to the viewing public and more wear and tear ensues, therefore more cause for repairs and maintenance of a specialist nature of buildings, which are essentially very old historical buildings and need more care than normal.

Therefore, commercial cleaning companies would no doubt have been asked to tender for quotations for certain specialist jobs. Millards cleaning services, for example, were privileged to be called upon to maintain the cleaning of certain speciality outhouse buildings within Buckingham Palace for a good number of years, and even got to do the housekeeping and cleaning duties of the private residence within Westminster Abbey of the very Reverend John Hall who is only second to the Queen in the Church of England and in charge of all of Westminster Abbey events and services. Any such contracts are viewed with great pride and Millards is happy to have contributed towards the upkeep of such an important part of our royal heritage.

On the auspicious occasion today the Queen’s 90th Birthday, a milestone for her as the longest reigning and living monarch in UK history, as well as the world,  we all wish her a very happy birthday and long may she reign!