Have you considered using a contract cleaner?

Author :Cheryl

Date: 19.05.2020

Whether you’re running an office, a gym or a golf club, you have to keep the premises clean and tidy. This isn’t a choice – it’s the rule across all industries. What you can choose, however, is who keeps your spaces clean and how they go about doing it.

The simplest option may, on first glance, appear to be hiring a team of in-house cleaners. But this poses more complications than first meets the eye such as finding space for storing cleaning equipment and products or managing these (additional) employees’ payroll and timekeeping.

In comparison, choosing to contract these services to an external cleaning firm guarantees your premises will be kept in pristine condition – without you having to lift a finger.

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CleanKing acquires Millards Cleaning

31 May 2019 Cheryl

CleanKing are pleased to announce that on Friday 24 May 2019, they successfully acquired London based Cleaning service provider, Millards of London.

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Bedford party for window-cleaner ‘legend’ David Denton

What an amazing and extraordinary man, Dave Denton is. We love to read such amazing stories about window cleaners.

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Millards is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2019!

2019 is our 100th Anniversary year since forming in 1919

2019 is Millards’ centenary year, celebrating one hundred years since the company was formed by Major Millard returning from the end of the first World war…an impressive achievement indeed that few companies can boast!

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the lost generation of the old ‘shiners’ of window cleaners at Millards

As Millards Cleaning Services Ltd was originally set up By Captain Millard in 1919 to provide employment for soldiers returning from WW1, the first cleaners employed were brave hardy young Cockneys called Shiners,with their amusing cockney slang, with interesting characters who worked very hard, and remained loyal to Millards for over 40 years! 

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Window cleaning cutting edge technology?

In Feb 2018, a window cleaner in Newcastle was spotted and snapped sitting on a ledge 50 ft up a building with NO safety harness!! How shocking and dangerous…was he trying to prove something or tell us this was the new cutting edge technology to clean windows?!!!  Well, someone snapped a picture of him sitting high up 50 ft on this window ledge

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Window cleaner faces jail for not returning money bequeathed to him

An interesting story emerged about a window cleaner in August last year. The now retired window cleaner, Albert Pearce, inherited £300,000 cash and the house of a 98 years old customer of his, Julie Spalding, who left it all to him in her changed will after she fell out with her nephew, with Albert looking after her in her final years.

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How a window cleaner saved a Banksy mural in Hull!

Window cleaners often face a difficult job to do in the first place, risking life and limb to do their job cleaning windows in awkward and risky heights…and therefore form a band of brave and conscientious workers in our society which certainly should be applauded!

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Health & Safety for window cleaners

Gone are the days when window cleaners could just rely on ropes and ladders for safety. These days H&S laws are so stringent with good reason as they use cherry pickers and water poles etc.

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Window cleaning link to the BBC

Indeed, not everyone may remember this, but there was a time in the early days of Television at the beginning of the twentieth century,when history was made with the first television shows being broadcast in our living rooms directly from the BBC, which was operated from a now iconic building standing on the highest hill in London, Alexandra Palace. Many famous shows and personalities including celebrities like David and Richard Attenborough started out at the BBC and so justifiably the site became famous.

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