Salmonella Testing

As salmonella bacteria are the most usually reported cause of foodborne illnesses, never has testing been so important. However, while conventional salmonella test kits involve numerous complicated steps, a leading company  recently developed Insite Salmonella micro-organism colorimetric test is designed to be rapid, convenient and extremely accurate.

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Commercial cleaning and Royalty -any links?

It is not clear how much of a part in the past commercial cleaning has played in maintaining the huge palaces of our Queen and the Royal family, as well as Churches connected to Royalty, but it is fair to say that it has certainly had a role to play in more recent times.

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Millards is a member of Living Wage Foundation

Millards are recognised Service Providers, proudly working together with the Living Wage Foundation’ wherever it is displayed.

They are proud to be among the first Service Provider organisations in London to become a Recognised Service Provider to work with the Living Wage. The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually, based on the cost living in the UK.

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Maintaining your office cleaning helps the bottom line

Sometimes office directors are too busy managing the finances and day to day running of their companies, and tend to let go the important task of getting offices cleaned regularly by professionals, leaving the place looking untidy and professional.

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Types of professional Carpet cleaning techniques used in offices etc.

Professional carpet cleaning in offices is actually requires highly trained skilled cleaning operatives to operate the complex machinery and understand how to remove stains from all sorts of materials. The three main types used by cleaning companies are as follows:-

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Emergency carpet cleaning of stains for offices

Every office has surely experienced at some time an unsightly carpet stain caused by the odd accidental spill of coffee or dirt brought by shoes or other .

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Secret life of Britain’s cleaners

Most cleaners do the cleaning outside of office hours early morning or late evenings in Britain, so they are mostly hidden from view and yet without this secret army of cleaners, offices would simply not be able to manage!

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Airport Worker Breaks Leg in Cleaning Machine Crash

Two firms have been prosecuted after a worker suffered a broken leg when he had to steer his cleaning machine into a balustrade at Stansted airport after the brakes failed.

Carl Marshall, 28, from Essex was forced to drive into the central dividing balustrade after the breaks on the scrubber-drier machine failed to work as he went down a sloping passenger ramp.

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Office Cleaning Janitorial Supplier Win Design Award

SCA have received a 2014 Red Dot Design award for two smart dispensers which are used for Tork Napkins

They were given the award for their smart, curved design and choice of attractive casings. SCA’s Product and Segment Manager, Rebecca Blake said “Most napkin dispensers in quick service restaurants, cafes and hotel bars have functional, utilitarian appearance”. She continued with “This can be at odds with the overall impression that the managers of any high-profile establishment are trying to create. Our Tork Xpressnap Image Line dispensers are available in a solid aluminium housing and in a smart walnut option. The use of these premium materials gives the dispensers a stylish appearance which is much more in keeping with an upmarket eatery”.

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How Weather Can Impact On Needing More Carpet Cleaning

Good morning,

The weather recently has been a bit varied to say the least. Fortunately in London, it hasn’t been too bad compared to other places. However, there has been a fair amount of rain. This can mean that people walk their dirty, wet shoes across your office floor and/or carpet.

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