Airport Worker Breaks Leg in Cleaning Machine Crash

Two firms have been prosecuted after a worker suffered a broken leg when he had to steer his cleaning machine into a balustrade at Stansted airport after the brakes failed.

Carl Marshall, 28, from Essex was forced to drive into the central dividing balustrade after the breaks on the scrubber-drier machine failed to work as he went down a sloping passenger ramp.

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Office Cleaning Janitorial Supplier Win Design Award

SCA have received a 2014 Red Dot Design award for two smart dispensers which are used for Tork Napkins

They were given the award for their smart, curved design and choice of attractive casings. SCA’s Product and Segment Manager, Rebecca Blake said “Most napkin dispensers in quick service restaurants, cafes and hotel bars have functional, utilitarian appearance”. She continued with “This can be at odds with the overall impression that the managers of any high-profile establishment are trying to create. Our Tork Xpressnap Image Line dispensers are available in a solid aluminium housing and in a smart walnut option. The use of these premium materials gives the dispensers a stylish appearance which is much more in keeping with an upmarket eatery”.

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How Weather Can Impact On Needing More Carpet Cleaning

Good morning,

The weather recently has been a bit varied to say the least. Fortunately in London, it hasn’t been too bad compared to other places. However, there has been a fair amount of rain. This can mean that people walk their dirty, wet shoes across your office floor and/or carpet.

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Services provided by Millards including – Green Policy impact

Short Video – Showing Services provided by Millards

The company’s green policy , includes the running of electric Vans and company bicycles. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products, such as Greenline plus cleaning products ( Toilet Cleaner, Floor Cleaner and Multi surface cleaner)

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Dust-cleaning London tube by trains delayed until 2017

Plans to commence running trains on the London Underground, have been delayed owing to the need to remove asbestos from the tunnels.

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Ten reasons why you should have carpets cleaned all year round

Carpets need a lot of skill to clean if there are spills etc as the wrong treatment or cleaning chemicals could permanently damage them and new carpets could be costly indeed! Also, often the treatment needs attention almost immediately. Therefore it is an advantage to hire a cleaning company that is local so that they can come round quickly to save the carpets. 

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Making 2014 the best for your Facility with a Quality Cleaning Company

A new year is a good time for all managers to take stock of how well their companies are running and where they could improve output and services from suppliers. A good example of this is the company Facility Manager who should be looking again at their current professional cleaning suppliers and see if they are receiving the best value for the money paid out for the cleaning services.

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Current initiative for Public sector and International Projects to preferentially offer tender process to local businesses in London.

The recent initiative by Supply Cross River 2 in London to allow local private companies to engage with 150 buyers across 9 boroughs of London (e.g. Commonwealth institute, BBC White city site or Waterloo Shell Centre) and to competitively join in the tendering process for bigger projects in the public sector or from international companies, is very encouraging for local small companies, including cleaning companies, struggling with the tough economic times we are living in today.

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5 Reasons why it is better to outsource a cleaning company rather than doing it yourself.

Many companies are feeling the pinch of the turbulent economic times we are living in, and so, many have been tempted to do their own cleaning to save on costs, particularly as outsourcing a cleaning company to do it for them is seen as quite a high cost to their business, especially as cleaning duties are not considered to be ‘revenue generating’ activities. However,  what many businesses do not seem to realise is that it is actually a false economy to think there are saving on costs and also the many other factors involved in making this decision that would affect the business’ staff and daily  running operations.                                                                                                                                                                                          

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Explaining automatic enrolment to workers for Pensions

As in every service or industry sector in the UK, all employers and employees within the cleaning industry have been affected by the recent sweeping changes taking place in pension arrangements , particularly the ‘automatic enrolment’ scheme to workers for pensions.

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