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What happens to you office waste after it leaves your office  Ever wondered what happens to your general waste once it is collected? We did. So we visited the largest Energy from Waste facility in the UK.

Reward for the kindness of a cleaner

A 65 year old windrush generation cleaner Herman Gordon, helped so many stressed students cope with difficult times during exams and in life by always being ready with encouragement, a smile and being jolly and happy, so much so that he inspired so many of them to give him a whip around gift of £1500 […]

Contribution of cleaning industry in the UK

Apparently, the British Cleaning Council (BCC) did a latest statistical research and discovered that the cleaning industry contributes more than £24 billion to the UK economy. This shows how dependent businesses are on cleaning companies to clean their offices and windows on a regular basis. 

Persistent cleaners ride out the ‘Beast from the East’!

We have all just survived the coldest March since 1963 in the UK, and last week was particularly horrendous with the extreme wind chill  from Siberia’s ‘Beast from the East’ and the cold Atlantic winds of ‘Storm Emma’ converging together on the UK driving intense snow blizzards covering the whole country bringing it to a […]

The interesting origins of the vacuum cleaner

We live in a modern world full of wonderful gadgets and inventions which we take almost for granted as part of our way of life these days, and the vacuum cleaner is one of those indispensable gadgets that was really the last major leap in inventions within the cleaning industry.