5 Reasons why it is better to outsource a cleaning company rather than doing it yourself.

Many companies are feeling the pinch of the turbulent economic times we are living in, and so, many have been tempted to do their own cleaning to save on costs, particularly as outsourcing a cleaning company to do it for them is seen as quite a high cost to their business, especially as cleaning duties are not considered to be ‘revenue generating’ activities. However,  what many businesses do not seem to realise is that it is actually a false economy to think there are saving on costs and also the many other factors involved in making this decision that would affect the business’ staff and daily  running operations.                                                                                                                                                                                          

So why is it better to outsource a cleaning company rather than going inhouse with the cleaning? Here are 5 good reasons why:-

1) Most businesses cannot afford to buy the equipment, particularly professional carpet and floor buffing, jetwashing machines and road sweepers for driveways and the external office areas etc.

2) Most staff would be reluctant to have to stay late to clean the offices, carpets or wash the windows, or reduce their actual working time on their actual duties in order to fit in the cleaning tasks given to them!

3) Staff  are not experts at removing stains or using the right chemicals or have the expert skills that cleaning companies can provide to achieve the desired professional clean.

4) Cleaning companies are on call if you need them for emergency cleaning, whereas the staff might be busy or gone home.

5) It works out cheaper in the long term to outsource to a cleaning company as cheaper than using your internal resources e.g. paying more to staff for cleaning duties, heavy equipment and all cleaning materials required, organising the cleaning duties by staff and also all cleaning mistakes (as not using skilled cleaning experts) have to be rectified with probably more cost involved e.g. the wrong chemical to clean computers screens and keyboards, blocked drains and toilets etc.

So businesses…think twice before trying to do the cleaning by yourself-you are doing yourselves no favour, and it is easier and cheaper to outsource a reputable good cleaning company to do it for you!