2019 -Celebration of a centenary reached by Millards in quality cleaning!

2019 is Millards Centenary year

Millards has a lot to celebrate and be proud of, as it has just reached its Centenary! Few companies can claim to have achieved this status, and Millards have incredibly provided 100 years of continuous quality cleaning services since its beginning in 1919 till the present day in 2019!

A hundred years ago in 1919, the company was created by Major Millard returning from the end of the first World war for the benefit of  providing  employment for the ex-soldiers from his regiment. It was generally a very difficult time for all returning soldiers from the Great War to find employment and return to normality, so Major Millard’s efforts for his regiment was a very noble cause indeed!

Millards started with window cleaning and gradually expanded into office cleaning, theatres and other types of specialist cleaning including carpets, floors, computers, phones, stain removal etc and has now evolved into a fully-fledged and up- to-date quality cleaning service in the heart of London. In fact, Millards has provided quality cleaning services to many iconic places including Lambeth Palace, Buckingham Palace,  West end theatres, Embassies, Churches, Colleges, and even the offices of a former Prime Minister!

Hurrah, Millards ….No 1 in London for over 100 years!